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Human Body Systems Career Journal - 974 Words

Human Body Systems Career Journal 2015-2016 Entry #1 Activity: 1.2.3 Bone Detectives Description: Forensic Anthropologists helps to study the skeletal systems of people to determine the sex, ethnicity, and distinct characteristics of the dead skeleton they are studying. Definition for Forensic Anthropologist: As a Forensic Anthropologist you will be working with and investigating disease people. You will study the entire body as well as the skeletal structure and be able to get specifics as to who the body you are investigating belongs to and be able to differentiate the sexes and ethnicities though the dead body. You will need a Bachelor’s in anthropology or a higher degree in that area. They primarily work in universities or at forensic labs. They would help in the categorization of deceased bodies and determining who the body or skeletal system belongs to. They assist in cases where you need to find out who someone is for detective cases. Entry #2 Activity: 1.3.2 Careers in Identify Definition DNA Analyst DNA Analyst Interview Q1. What college education do you need to meet the requirements to become a DNA analyst? A1. I needed a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology genetics forensic sciences but it is helpful to have some knowledge of laboratory procedures. Q2. What are some duties you have on a daily basis? A2. I spend most of my time cataloging and analyzing DNA for evidence. I am sometimes called to court to tell what I have discovered. I must maintain myShow MoreRelatedForensic Science : A Forensic Scientist1648 Words   |  7 Pagesthree different levels of membership in the AAFS, Student Affiliate, Trainee Affiliate and Associate Member. The Student Affiliate level is for full-time undergraduate and graduate students in school for a degree that supports a forensic science career. The Trainee Affiliate level is for those who have completed their degree, but do not quite meet the requirements to be an Associate Member. To be an Associate Member of the AAFS, one must either be active in the forensic science field and haveRead MoreA Picture Of The Water Cycle799 Words   |  4 Pagesbut the concept of coloring the water at that time was difficult. As eight years old I observed that water was colorless every time I used it to wash my hand or drink it. However, it appeared to have a blue-gray tint to it when I viewed it in larger body of water such as the ocean. When I would touch the ocean water or tried to store it for its beautiful color, I would once again be left with its colorless property. The concept of water color was a paradox for me. No one seemed to know why blue waterRead MoreExploring the Formation of â€Å"Perspective Fixedness† Through Established Theories1100 Words   |  5 Pageseveryday cultural interactions, however, the quality does not seem to be endorsed or encouraged and in looking at the System Justification Theory, one can see why. Standardized thinking preserves the status quo and the need for structure and established systems bring about the mindset (Liviatan Jost, 2011). In accepting, defending and bolstering the societal status quo, could human beings be strengthening their own tendency of functional fixedness as well? Functional fixedness is a fundamental presenceRead MoreMedical Illustration: From Drawings To Digital. Hippocrates,1540 Words   |  7 PagesHippocrates, dubbed â€Å"The Father of Medicine†, knew the importance of learning about human health, stating, â€Å"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive from his illnesses.† (BrainyQuote). Dating back as far as our primitive ancestors, archeologists have recovered cave paintings and primitive sculptures that indicate an early understanding of the human body. For example cave engravings found in Spain depicted a woman with a fetus insideRead MoreEffect Of Human Resource Management1274 Words   |  6 Pages Effect of Human Resource Management Prateek Gautam Date: 4th May, 2015 Oklahoma State University Information Systems Project Management (MSIS 5033) Dr. Art LaNata â€Æ' Abstract Human resource management, commonly abbreviated as HRM is a function of an organization which is created to positively optimize employee performance of an employer s business strategic goals. HRM aims on systems policies and is mainly associated with the people’s management within the organizations. HRM can be usefulRead More1.2.3 Bone Detectives1718 Words   |  7 Pages Project 1.2.3: Bone Detectives Introduction When we think of bones, we most often think of the way in which these hard structures support the body, how they work with muscles to produce movement and how they protect our internal organs. But the 206 bones of the human skeleton can also tell a story. The specific structure of your bones reveals information about your gender, your height, your age and even your ethnicity. These biological clues are often the first pieces of evidence scientistsRead MoreDa Vinci : A Man Of Science1608 Words   |  7 Pageswas young his parents were never married to one another. His mother, Caterina Da Vinci was a pheasant while his father, Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci was an attorney and notary. He was the only child the two had together. In Da Vinci’s early career he was never given the proper basic education so by the age of fifteen his father sent him to Andrea Del Verrocchio as her trainee, and from there on Da Vinci’s approach to art began. To this day Da Vinci is best known for painting his most famousRead MoreReflection On My Genius Hour Project1212 Words   |  5 Pageslearn more and investigate the brain’s actions, jobs, abilities, and the overall science behind it. The human brain shapes the way we perceive and think about our everyday lives based on the experiences we gather and live through. My genius hour project is about where the best learning happens. For my genius hour infographic I decided it would be appropriate to learn about what also happens to the human brain when problems are formed inside. This lead me to the complex field of neurology. This field inspiredRead MoreEffects of Obesity on the Motor Development of Children Essay1367 Words   |  6 PagesFor example, the matu rational theory suggests the maturation of different body systems, most importantly the central nervous system, is the main force that drives motor development (Payne Isaacs, 2008). This theory proposes that genetic inheritance is the most important factor that determines motor development and the environment plays a small role. On the other hand, the information processing theory maintains that humans respond to stimuli in the environment and genes are less significant (PayneRead MoreThe Need For Mindfulness Practices1562 Words   |  7 Pages The Need for Mindfulness Practices in Our Education System Sharereh Vakili Dastjerd Dr. Weldon PSYC 101 December 09, 2014 â€Æ' Sharereh Vakili Dastjerd Dr. Weldon PSYC 101 09 December, 2014 Need of Meditation and Yoga in Our Education System If you are like millions around the world, you may be frustrated with the state of the education system. A system which leaves us in debt, grants degrees that do not guarantee jobs or happiness, earns us only ordinary jobs that are not fulfilling;

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