Thursday, February 13, 2020

Law enforcement Cameras Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Law enforcement Cameras - Research Paper Example Even so, the source cautions of how these cameras capture unintended images from private locations. Thus, despite its support for surveillance cameras, this source provides appropriate arguments for both sides of the divide on way privacy gets affected by surveillance cameras. This article uses the story of a victim of crime to illustrate the usefulness of police surveillance cameras in protecting people in the cities in America. On the other hand, it also discusses the limitation of this technology, including its inability to selectively capture what is useful to deter crime, thus bringing it out as a technology that invades privacy. As such, the research paper could borrow critical arguments on law enforcement cameras for protection and their limitation with regards to invading privacy. This book articulates pressing issues on privacy from the 17th Century to date, giving an account of how governments have abused some of its privileges. Of particular importance to this research paper is its discussion of the sophisticated cameras used for surveillance by the police. The ability of these cameras to peer through private settings provides the basis for argument for infringement of privacy by law enforcement cameras. In this article, Lynch discusses the use of cameras in traffic to reduce pedestrian fatalities. With a focus on New York City, the article educates on the powerfulness of these cameras in capturing images even in places considered as private. However, the author concludes by noting no evidenced reduction in pedestrian fatalities as a result of installation of these cameras. Apart from being useful in appreciating the functionality of surveillance cameras with regards to crime prevention, this source is also useful in arguing for law enforcement cameras as privacy invaders. This publication discusses the technological advancement in law enforcement, particularly

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