Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fundamentals of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fundamentals of Communication - Essay Example 29-44). In other words, the information comes under sharing and transmission in such a way that the receiver must understand the meaning of the exchanged information. However, verbal communication is one of the modes of transmitting the information that also involves face-to-face communication. Sound, words, and language are the few essential elements that come under association with the verbal communication. Although, the authenticity of the origin of the language come under exposure to substantial assumptions and theories, yet several people believe that fundamental sound that incorporate natural sounds and expressions of emotions and gestures are the leading cause for the development of the language. While, on the other hand, according to various theorists, the development of the language is the outcome of the group activities or people working in amalgamation with each other (Alberts et al, pp. 51-57). The history and records reveal the fact that, more than three thousand languages come under speaking by the inhabitants of the globe in the present day. Moreover, it has also come under observation that class, gender, age, and a variety of other social factors exhibit the development of the languages (Alberts et al, pp. 39-56). Although, it has also come under view that the vast and extensive range of languages at many occasions creates complexities between them, yet a single language can eliminate these problems. In addition, language plays a profound and critical role in creating and communicating the meaning (Alberts et al, pp. 12-19). It is the elementary quality of human intelligence to give meaning to the verbal, non-verbal, and written words to communicate. Therefore, people make use of language to â€Å"express, create and interpret meanings so that they can establish and sustain social and interpersonal associations and

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